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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Little Treasures

Stardust has developed  magpie tendencies and during the course of tidying, I have been finding all these tiny bits of junk that turn out to be part of his treasure trove. He gets pretty upset if I throw them away or if he can't find them, so I decided that it was time he had somewhere to keep all of his shiny baubles. 

Traci from Amazing Mae has got a great trinket keeper tutorial which I thought was pretty cool, so I decided to make one for Stardust.  Her tutorial requires the use of grommets and karabiners which are apparently cheap and easy to get hold of in America, the Land of WalMart, but I cannot find these things for love or money, so I decided to make a button-closure instead. 

The tutorial is pretty easy to follow once you actually get started on it.  For those of you who lack visio-spatial abilities, like myself, I recommend doing each step whilst reading the tutorial at the same time.  This was a challenge for me, because I have never sewn a buttonhole before.

Here is the finished product:

If the material looks familiar to you, it is because it is the same IKEA material that I used in the doorstop project.  I have plenty of leftover scraps of fabric, so you will be seeing much more of this yellow striped pattern in the future.

The heart-shaped button that I used is actually one of Stardust's little treasures, so he was very pleased to see it on his 'treasure sack'.  It came from a sweet little thank you note that had a funny little fabric monster on it (you can see the note in the picture above) that Etsy seller Swee of Swiedebie sent with a purchase and Stardust decided that he would squirrel away the card along with the button which had somehow come unstuck (little fingers!).

Stardust was very pleased with his little treasure sack and is now using it to keep all his trifles.

Here is his hoard as of this morning:
It includes Swiedebie's card, a dried macaroni, a smooth pebble that he picked up at a birthday party, a five cent coin that he found at the bottom of the children's wading pool, a plastic Lego head and a red plectrum that was given to him by one of the members of the church band.

I think I will be making some more of these trinket keepers - it would be nice if I could get grommets and karabiners because then he could just clip the little pouch to his trousers when we go out.  I must keep an eye out for them when we are out shopping.

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Anonymous just cruising said...

Have you tried Spotlight or Art Friend for grommets? My mom used to get them there, I don't go there so don't know if you can still find them. Otherwise the notions shops in People's Park should have them too.

For carabiners - I've found them in Daiso, you can them in a variety of sizes. Do also check out those cheap $1/2 shops in HDB estates. They're a treasure trove for randoms!

11:00 am  

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