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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rainy day painting

It has been raining so much over the last fortnight so we have been stuck indoors most of the day. 

Everyday, Stardust looks mournfully at the sky and says 'It's raining' in the saddest little voice, and everyday, I think to myself, 'I must get some rain gear for the two of us'.  It would be so much fun to take him out on a wet day, in a macintosh and wellingtons, and get him to splash about in puddles and watch the rain falling from the clouds.

I have not yet found anywhere that sells decent rainy day gear for children or adults so this idea will have to be kept on the shelf for now.

Instead, I decided to take this opportunity to do some water-based craft with Stardust.

Here's what we did:
1. I soaked a sheet of paper in some water, then removed it from the water.  I taught Stardust to splatter and dribble watercolour paint all over it using his paint brush.  Then we watched as the paints spread and mixed together.

End result:
2. Using a sponge brush and a small roller brush, we covered a piece of paper with tempera paint.  I put the painting (whilst it was still wet) in a tray and left it outside in the rain.  Stardust would check on the painting every now and again to see how the painting changed with the rain.

End result:

3. We covered a piece of paper in paint and left it to dry.  We collected rain in jars and splashed the water over the painting.

End result:

I think they all look very pretty!

Stardust's art folio is starting to get rather full so I'm going to have to think of some crafts that we can do to use up these finished pieces.

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