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Friday, March 26, 2010

Book Review: Bird Songs by Betsy Franco

We were so fortunate to come across this book in the library - somebody had left it lying on a table in the Adult Fiction section.  Stardust was immediately drawn to the papercut of a chickadee on the front cover and we just had to borrow it out.

This is lovely little book which uses onomatopoeia to describe the different bird songs, which makes it really fun to read.  MDH loves reading it to Stardust, who would occasionally run around the house with his arms outstretched, singing 'eeyah eeyah' (seagull) and 'chip chipchip' (sparrow).

I like the collage style of artwork used by illustrator Steve Jenkins in this book.  It seems to give each picture some depth and texture.  The first time we read it, Stardust ran his finger over the page, trying to lift up the pictures.  Looking at the pictures certainly gave me some ideas on craftwork I could do with Stardust!

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Anonymous val said...

Hi I read you everyday so feel like you're an old friend! You must try to get hold of Jill Murphy's books on the Elephant Family. The first is 5 Minutes Peace followed by at least 2 more. The illustrations are wonderful and the stories are also delightful. My girls who are 23 and 25 still read them from time to time!


9:21 pm  
Blogger tscd said...

val: Hello! Thank you for de-lurking - I have been wondering (during my Dark Moments) if anyone has been reading this webjournal at all and your comment was very encouraging. I will certainly look up Jill Murphy's books the next time I visit the library - thank you for your recommendation!

9:55 pm  

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