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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The sky above was blue at last

Ok, so I was flipping through my blogroll and was inspired by Katie Sokoler's method of redecorating her New York flat.  Every so often, she'll change the look of her apartment with some coloured paper and artistic genius

I looked at this particular post and thought to myself...I could do that!

I made some stencils by tracing the pictures from this book onto baking parchment (I don't keep tracing paper in the house 'cos I don't use it often).  Then, I stenciled the shapes onto Stardust's water paintings, cut them out and fixed white-tac on the back.

Stardust had so much fun hanging them up on our living room wall.

Then we sat in front of the wall and admired our handiwork.  Stardust was very pleased with himself, but all that interior decorating really wore him out and he went off for his nap.

Whilst Stardust slept, I opened the front door to let in the breeze...and in flew a flock of birds!
ColorMeKatie did not mention on her website that Aves vellum are sociable creatures and that a few of them in the house would attract a whole load of them to come and stay!  I shall have to have words with her, especially if they turn out to be as fierce as the ones in her apartment.
There are paper sparrows roosting amongst our electrical fittings...
...and paper hummingbirds feeding from my paper flowers!
I must admit that they do look rather nice and Stardust seems to like them, so I guess they will be nesting here for a long time.

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Anonymous Losh said...

You make the prettiest things! I love crafty stuff, but don't have much luck with the type of lovely things you create. I can manange a cross-stitch quite happily and ice a cake, but regular sewing and paper crafts are just not my forte!

2:05 am  
Blogger tscd said...

Losh: Thanks for that! I am so glad that you think my things are lovely!

I don't actually consider myself a crafty person - my grades in Art at school never rose above a 'D'. I cannot ice a cake! That requires too much dexterity.

So...all these crafts I've posted up have been done by an craft-dummy which means that they are completely fool-proof.

8:46 am  

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