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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Turn and face the strange

More of my friends are getting married and having children now, and it's fascinating, watching the way that married life and motherhood changes people. 

The women I know who have become mothers have all undergone similar changes.  They have all become gentler people - more patient, more considerate, more careful in their actions and speech.

However, I have noticed that not all the changes are positive ones. 

One lady has become fiercely competitive to the point of insensitivity.

Another lady has become so protective of her little one that she no longer trusts her friends or family.

One dear friend has totally lost her sense of humour.

Another one has completely let herself go and appears to have developed an eating disorder.

I myself find that my moods have become more extreme.  I obsess over small things.  I smile less often.  I also have completely lost the ability to be punctual for my appointments.

I wonder if having a child magnifies pre-existing faults in the personality or if these are new problems that women develop post-partum as a reaction towards the great sense of responsibility.



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