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Saturday, February 20, 2010


MDH: So.
TSCD: Yes?
MDH: When are we having another baby?
TSCD: I don't know. When do you think?
MDH: Let's aim for when Stardust turns 3. Or thereabouts.
TSCD: Ok. But...
MDH: Hmm?
TSCD: This sounds stupid but...whenever I think about being pregnant again, I feel really put off by the memory of nauseating all-day sickness and...and...
MDH: And..?
TSCD: And I only just started buying clothes again! Like, clothes that make me feel like a normal person and not an ageing haus-frau!!! And I despise maternity wear. It makes me feel frumpy. Even the fashionable designs still make me feel like Humpty Dumpty.
MDH: Well, you know, it just means that you will have to buy yourself a whole new wardrobe.



Anonymous Losh said...

How exciting - A little Moondust to go with Stardust!

7:47 pm  
Blogger tscd said...

Losh: I didn't actually come up with the name Stardust - he was nicknamed so by a good friend of mine but I liked it so much that I used it here. I'm not sure if the next one will be Moondust - we shall see!

5:11 pm  

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