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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy Year Of The Tiger

Well, we had a pretty busy weekend, what with visiting relatives and shedding money and stuffing our faces with pineapple tarts and impromptu music rehearsals. What a whirlwind of noise and activity!

Stardust has collected enough angpow money from his well-wishers to fund a term or two of enrichment classes (we decided that it would probably be in his best interest to invest in his future, rather than leaving his money to rot in the Singapore Bank, earning less than 0.1% interest per annum). I haven't decided which classes to enroll him in yet, but I'm thinking maybe some toddler gymnastics or mandarin immersion classes would be fun. Any suggestions or recommendations would be most welcome!

During the Chinese New Year weekend, I neglected my housewifely duties and so today, I have been very busy tidying up the entire house and doing the grocery shopping.

On the way home from the supermarket today, I stopped by the baker's and picked up these cute red-bean sweet buns. Stardust licked it and refused to eat it, so I have the pleasure of demolishing it by myself (MDH doesn't believe in red-bean desserts - he feels that vegetables should remain vegetables and not stray over the the sweets menu.)
Happy Year of the Tiger, everyone.



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