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Friday, February 12, 2010

Bye, Happy CNY and Valentine's Day

Well, the Outlaws are leaving today and I do feel sorry to see them go. Stardust has had SO much fun with them around, and it was nice having the company. They are leaving just in time - I wouldn't know what to do with them during the bustle of the Chinese New Year period!

This afternoon, I have been mostly stuffing AngPows with $2 notes in preparation for the great annual shedding of cash. Being the oldest grandkid in the family has its drawbacks; apart from never getting to sit at the Fun Table during family gatherings, it means that I have to shower my unmarried younger relatives with money.

On the bright side, MDH has a 4 day weekend ahead of him - which means that maybe this year we might be able to spend some time together on Valentine's Day! *gazes hopefully into the mid-distance*

Well, Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Valentine's Day - have a great weekend!



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