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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Online Jewellery Shopping: Lushae Jewelry

jewelry earrings I like to try and support small businesses as much as I can. Small businesses are always friendlier, more personable. Now that many small companies have started stores online to save on overhead costs, it is so important for them to maintain good customer service.

I was a little bit apprehensive when
LuShae Jewelry contacted me via email and asked me to write a review of the store. I have never done a review on request before, so I was rather worried that I would not have anything nice to say about the shop. My anxiety tripled after having a quick glance at the store's homepage which, although highly comprehensive and simple to navigate, seemed rather devoid of personality.

The descriptions of the jewellery (if one could call them descriptions at all) were very concise, with clear pictures, but they mostly lists of measurements - how big the stones were, what they were made of and so on. I looked at the picture after picture and felt very uninspired and very scared.
However, I realised that the plain appearance of the website and it's honest, no-nonsense approach to retail is probably what an online shopper is looking for - especially if said person is trying to buy a gift. Lushae Jewelry also has a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a free exchange policy, so it is particularly good for the nervous buyer.
Finally, I plucked up the courage to reply the email.
And I was very pleasantly surprised.
Underlying the cold exterior of the shopfront is the warm and affable Sarah, shopkeeper extraordinaire, who responded to my emails very promptly with the honest and friendly fair dinkum Aussie attitude.
Lushae Jewelry sells a range of rings, earrings and necklaces in 14ct white gold or sterling silver with precious gems and crystals in a variety of rainbow colours.
I chose the simple Lucent necklace from the wide range available and hoped for the best.
Again, I was very pleasantly surprised.
Nine days later, a package arrived for me by USPS International Mail (apparently, the business is based in Tasmania, but the factory is located in California).
The necklace is so gorgeous! I love the clear golden sparkle of the pear cut champagne cubic zirconia, and the clean brightness of the white gold rhodium chain.
I always worry about buying colourful gemstones, because they can sometimes look cheap, especially if they are poorly cut and badly set.
This necklace, however, does not look like at all like costume jewellery made from paste and coloured glass. Considering the workmanship and the quality of the materials, this necklace (US$77) is a real bargain. It looks impressive. It looks expensive. I love it.
In fact, I loved the necklace so much that I decided to wear it to Stardust's birthday party.
I got so many compliments! Even my mother, who is usually very fussy about jewellery, commented on how pretty it was and even asked if it was from Tiffany's! How great is that?
For more details and to see more of the collection of sparklies, pop on over to Lushae Jewelry! You won't regret it.

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