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Friday, February 05, 2010

Party Preps Day 5: Catering

Planning the menu for the party was quite a challenge for me. I wanted to make sure there was enough food for everyone and that the food would also be toddler-friendly (ie. low sugar, no salt). I also wanted to make sure that the bulk of the menu could be made in advance of the day - to minimise stress on myself.

So after careful consideration, here is the menu that I came up with (I have highlighted the parts of the menu that I have already completed):

Potato skins topped with bacon bits and cheese
Cocktail sticks - Mini sausages with cheese and pineapple

Main Course:
“Chang Shou Mian” i.e Birthday Noodles (delegated to the Aged Ps)
Tuna Pasta Bake
Sandwiches (fillings: Ham and cucumber, Egg Mayonnaise)

Butterfly cakes
Birthday cake (delegated to the Aged Ps i.e. they want to buy it)
Fruit cups

Orange or Cucumber water
Fruit punch (i.e. Fruit juice spiked with 7-up)

Whatever is leftover are things that need to be assembled on the day (eg. the cocktail sticks, fruit cups, sandwiches), and I have ensured that there will be plenty of helpers on the morning of the party!

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