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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Party Preps Day 3: Odds and ends

Here's what I did today:

1. Went grocery shopping and bought all the ingredients for the party food as well as disposable tableware.
I really want to get to the stage where we use melamine plates instead of paper and plastic but the fact is that I don't own enough unbreakable picnicware at the moment.

I tried taking him to the local ten-dollar hairdresser today but the hairdressers wanted me to leave him alone in the shop whilst his hair was being trimmed. That sounded like a stupid idea to me, so I left. I don't know where the barbers are located in this region yet, but I do not intend to take him to a fancy hair salon in town so that they can charge me $45 for a trim. If anyone knows a good old-fashioned barber on the west side of Singapore, drop me a comment please!
3. Prepared the props and prizes for the games.
Wrapped up the prizes in a giant box and layers of newspaper for pass-the-parcel. Cut up sheets of stickers for the treasure hunt. Dug out all the kiddie music CDs.
4.Folded napkin pockets for the utensils
It looks prettier and neater than a stack of paper napkins and a pile of plastic forks. This also minimises waste and reduces traffic at the buffet line. You can tell from the picture that I only bought plastic forks - this is because all the items on the menu will be in bitesized pieces (no knives required) and are non-drip (no spoons required).



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