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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Days to myself

It's nice to have a day to myself. MDH is at work, and I'm at home alone, catching up on paperwork and household chores.

This morning, after doing some washing, I spent the rest of the hours making a huge batch of tomato soup, which is now bubbling away on the stove.

Later on, I'll probably wander down to the centre of town and visit the shops. I really want to get a nice blank book to use as a travel journal - with stiff pages that won't crumple easily and a hardcover that has got a tactile surface that makes you want to pick it up again and again.

It's also time I bought MDH a present, and I would like to get him a Neil Gaiman novel. American Gods, perhaps. I think it'd be the sort of book he'd enjoy, seeing as he likes gothic fantasy novels like the Gormenghast trilogy.

Or perhaps, the latest Iain M Bank's novel. (Then I can read it after he's done! Woohoo!) We shall see.

Red falling leaves
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Sunshine follows me.
Autumn is a great season. The air is pleasantly cool and the wind whips through the streets, stirring the falling leaves into a swirling dance.

When the sun is out, it's a joy to sit on a bench on the high street, watching red-cheeked people scuttle by whilst sipping on a warm cup of coffee and perusing a new novel.

Leaves in brilliant shades of red will flutter down and land on my lap, migratory birds roost under the eaves of buildings and call to each other, pampered pooches scamper alongside their owners wearing little plaid coats.

Plus, I get to wear fun stuff and strut down the street, feeling cosy in a light fleecy scarf with tassels, a macintosh of faded gold, knee high boots. It's all about accessories, baby.

Sometimes, I think that the biggest draw to staying in a temperate climate is getting to wear the great outfits.


Blogger jadeite said...

Neverwhere was brilliant, as was Anansi Boys. You can't go wrong with Neil Gaiman.

But Neverwhere is still the best, I think; Anansi Boys was like light soup, American Gods was the salad, and Neverwhere is the MEAT.

10:41 pm  
Blogger wahj said...

Anansi Boys feels somewhat lightweight compared to the two previous novels. Not quite dark enough: I never, at any point, felt worried that things wouldn't work out for our hero, unlike Neverwhere and American Gods.

If dark is not your thing, try Stardust. It's excellent: perhaps the most romantic (small r and big R) of Gaiman's novels.

The Algebraist, is also a good choice! Iain Banks has a unique vision amongst the current crop of SF writers, plus a strong storytelling instinct. One of the few writers I follow now (next to G.R.R. Martin)

12:48 am  
Anonymous a l said...

you could get a moleskin as a travel journal. =)

1:17 am  
Blogger Tym said...

I've found that the simple cardboard-ish notebooks they carry at Muji make the best travel journals. They're lightweight, yet the cover's hard enough to provide support for writing if no writing surface is available. At the same time, it doesn't look so fancy that you feel heartpain if you, oh, accidentally drip coffee on it or anything. :)

Sometimes, I think that the biggest draw to staying in a temperate climate is getting to wear the great outfits.

High-five! I miss layering and wearing fall/winter coats...

3:19 pm  
Blogger tscd said...

jadeite: Yes, I've heard so many good things about him, but I'm personally not into gothic fantasy - it eats my imagination and occasionally it makes me very upset. I am highly influenced by the things I read, so I have to be very careful as to what I allow into my mind.

wahj: I really liked Iain M Bank's novels - my personal favourite is 'Excession'. His non-Science fiction stuff is far too graphic for me, though. G.R.R Martin - I'm not familiar with this one - recommend me something!

tym: I'll have to hit the shops and see what suits me. I have a bad reputation with cardboard covered notebooks because they almost always get defiled with graffiti.

Autumn is great! It is amazing the difference that a striped scarf can make to an outfit. I feel like Gwyneth Paltrow in 'Sliding Doors'!

I am just getting into layering, actually, and it's oodles of girly fun. Never realised how much I liked playing dress idea of playing with Barbie dolls was to attempt dissection (very difficult if you only have safety scissors).

a.l: I think moleskin journals are too beautiful for me (plus I don't like it when my books are better dressed than I am!). I'm going for the spiral bound kind that will take some roughing up.

8:44 pm  

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