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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Seasons change

It was a really tough day in the department yesterday. It was so crowded that we had people sitting out in the corridor on plastic chairs, the nurses had to call in reinforcements, we had to beg for some locum was nightmarish.

I had a wonderful time on holiday, but it was rather horrid having to come home and start work straightaway. And there's two weeks worth of laundry waiting for me.

This morning, I looked out of my window and realised that autumn had finally arrived.

The majestic oak that stands in front of my apartment is decorated with the autumnal colours of gold and brown. Only a few weeks ago, it was splendid with green leaves gilded by sunlight.

It's amazing to me how living things are always changing, oh so fast, so quickly, speeding up every minute and I feel caught up in the frenetic pace of it. Or rather, I feel like I'm being dragged along.

Or maybe I need a longer holiday.


Blogger wahj said...

The pace of work is so fast that going on holiday can be stressful: I dread the pile of work that awaits me on return. And I always want a longer holiday!

9:22 pm  
Blogger ampulets said...

i know exactly how you feel, and i'm still on a holiday, far away in Taipei! In fact, now when my mobile phone rings, I dread looking at the message for fear it's something that has cropped up at the office.

1:28 am  
Blogger tscd said...

wahj: Usually I feel very rested at the end of a holiday and recharged for's not usual for me to be this tired still. But yeah, the pile of housework is getting me down!

ampulets: Argh, it's the horror of mobile phones and the ability of work to reach you anywhere at anytime!

2:36 am  

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