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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Long days

Today, the M-OL and I did some unpacking and cleaning of the new apartment. The place looks a bit more homely at the moment, now that I've got some pictures put up and scattered cushions and stuffed penguins around the place.

I discovered that the shower leaks and the washing machine leaks and that one of the pipes draining from the kitchen sink is clogged. Jobs for the MDH!

In the afternoon, M-OL and I wandered around the neighbourhood, found the local Sainsbury's (yay!) and the post office, enjoying the sunshine.

Had a nice hour long nap before nipping off to work (boo...). I'll be here until 2am.

It's quiet in the department tonight with a steady trickle of patients with minor complaints. I've seen about 5 sprained knees and ankles already (Rest, Ice, Painkillers and Elevation, people! Of course it's not going to get better if you carry on doing gymnastics!). I'm glad it's not completely deserted, otherwise I would get bored and sleepy...there's enough going on to keep me occupied.

Someone is announcing the arrival of a 'Code Blue'.

Time to run.

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