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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Just Desserts (I)

So the Out-Laws have been to visit this weekend to help us with the packing. With the 3 of them around, it made everything so much easier.

We split up into different rooms, armed with boxes, masking tape and magic marker pens and made swift work of it. I'm glad for all the reams of newspapers and plastic shopping bags I'm constantly squirrelling away (despite MDH's protests), it all came in so handy as wrapping or cushioning material.

Later in the afternoon, S-OL and D-OL decided to go out and stretch their legs, leaving me behind with M-OL who wanted to make dinner.

I was in charge of dessert.

We still had alot of fruit in the fridge from the last grocery trip we made, so I really wanted to use it up, but I didn't want to just serve up cut fruit topped with sugar and cream. So M-OL suggested that I make a strawberry tart.

So we made a biscuit base out of crushed Hobnobs and melted butter, then spooned over double cream whipped stiff (I spent 15 minutes hand whipping it with a fork since we'd already packed my electric whisk) mixed with plain yogurt, topped it with cut strawberries and raspberries, then drizzled over a toffee sauce made from melted Wurther's Originals and cream.

Doesn't it look beautiful?

We put it in the fridge for an hour or so, so that it would set a little bit more, and because I reckoned it would taste better when it's really really cold.

M-OL dusted it with icing sugar just before serving it, and it really did taste incredible. I was really pleased and proud of myself. I'm not good at dessert making, so I was surprised that it had turned out so well, and it was such a simple dessert to make. Especially the toffee sauce - I just put two tablespoons of double cream into a bowl with five wurther's original sweets, and blitzed it in the microwave for 40seconds before stirring it up into a sauce. I bet you could just do the same thing will all sorts of different fruits.

Actually, I still have some more of this strawberry tart left over in the fridge. I think I shall go and polish it off now - I mean, we're moving house after all so it wouldn't do it leave it, would it?



Blogger cour marly said...

Evil! but yum...

9:33 pm  
Blogger jadeite said...

melted butter. strawberries. cream. sugar. werther's originals. more cream.


but i wholeheartedly approve. :D

you do know i'm ketsugi's sister?

3:36 pm  
Anonymous a.l. said...

very nice!
i'm discovering ways of using up things in the fridge right now...

10:01 pm  
Blogger tscd said...

cour_marly: It really was!

jadeite: It was really so easy to make, especially the toffee sauce (which I bet would taste amazing with icecream). And yes, I know you're ketsugi's sister. Sorry to hear you are shutting down your website...let me know if you start a new one, okay?

a.l.: Sounds like fun! Discovered any new dishes?

7:50 pm  
Anonymous a.l. said...

ah no. more like - oh look, there's extra mushrooms, i'll put it in my soup/porridge/noodles. =)

9:51 pm  

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