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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Moving house

I have loads and loads of things to do this week. Moving house is such a hassle. The In-Laws have kindly decided to help us out with all the packing, and I've booked a moving company to help us with the transport.

I don't mind the actual move so much. I'm excited about being able to explore a new part of the UK. It's fun seeking out the good watering holes and relaxation spots, finding a new favourite tea house/bric-a-brac store/park bench/supermarket/museum. I like roaming through streets in the suburbs, admiring gardens and window boxes, learning the quirks of the area and its inhabitants.

Moving house is okay. It's the packing that really gets me. Packing really stresses me out. I like to think that it's because I hate compartmentalising my life into little boxes, but really, I hate packing because I'm too lazy to do it properly. It involves too much planning and coordination and...effort.

Which is why I feel so blessed by my In-Laws who volunteered to help out without being asked.

It's nice to have family.



Blogger Tym said...

Spending four years overseas at university really bred in me a distaste for packing. It's so much work! And in the process you find all sorts of lovely old stuff, but then you immediately have to decide if you're going to keep it (and pack it) or toss it. And no one can really help me with it because I'm too possessive about my stuff.

We've been living in our current apartment for six years. It's nice not to have to move.

1:37 pm  
Blogger tscd said...

tym: Oh, to be a landowner and to have a mortgage!

4:32 pm  

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