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Friday, August 05, 2005

Young Upstarts

So, new town, new job.

I'm now sitting at the hospital computer in the education centre. We've been having 'Induction to Emergency Medicine', which I am very grateful for, because there's nothing worse than being thrown in the centre of the shop floor (as we like to call it) and being torn apart by the rabid patients.

The stress of the move has taken it's toll on my skin - a brand new crop of Emotional Pimples. A great start, I must say, turning up on my second day of work with a raspberry for a head.

At home, MDH and I are living out of a suitcase (the rest of our stuff will be moved over this coming weekend) and our fridge currently stocks milk, apples, ham, eggs and butter. We also have got some bread, potatoes, cereal and most importantly, chocolate chip cookies. Enough rations to last us until we figure out where all the supermarkets are.

I spent 1 hour yesterday trying to get our phone line connected and it's going to take 10 days before British Telecoms can connect up my broadband (wail of despair). I don't know how I'm going to survive.

It's in times like these that I really appreciate Singaporean efficiency.



Anonymous Julia said...

Congrats on your new home and new job, tscd! :)

1:19 am  

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