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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Good morning, it's great to stay up late

Big breakfast
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Sunshine follows me.

MDH staggered through the door at 8:30am this morning, after a very very long night on call.
He's been doing a whole week of night duty at the Emergency department and it always knocks him out. Worst of all, canteens are shut at night, so he doesn't get to eat during his 12 hour shift (not that he'll have any time to stop for a meal anyway).

I'm not usually at home when he gets back from work, but it's a weekend, and I'm not working this Saturday.

So I made him a nice big breakfast - buttery scrambled eggs on toast and juicy grilled sausages. For my poor worn-out MDH. I don't often get a chance to pamper him like this.

He gave me a weak smile, a kiss and a cuddle before heading off to bed. He's now fast sleep, wrapped up under the covers emitting rumbling noises.

We do work hard for our money.



Blogger budak said...

grilled sausages.... yumzzz

11:37 pm  
Blogger Tym said...

You are a sweetie!

(I hope you got to eat some of that delish breakfast yourself too.)

12:56 am  
Blogger tscd said...

budak: The smell of sizzling sausage really is something, isn't it?

tym: actually, I didn't 'cos I used up the last of the eggs and sausages on his breakfast. It's all about sacrifice! ;)

8:01 pm  

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