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Friday, April 09, 2010

I hear thunder

Since we moved to our new place, I have noticed that the thunderstorms have become much more violent.  I am not sure if it is related to our location, but I certainly find that the wind out here is more destructive and that the crash of thunder really seems to reverberate.

Stardust never had a problem with thunderstorms before we moved here - now, the terrible roll of thunder is bound to rouse him and I when I go into his room to comfort him, I find him shaking with fear, eyes wide, white-knuckled fists grabbing onto the cotsides.

Today, the storm was particularly bad, so I cuddled him and lay down on the couch with him next to me, thinking that my presence would relax him into slumber.

Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong and WRONG.

He lay down and wiggled all around, looking up at me every so often with a big grin on his face, as if he could hardly believe his good fortune. 

When I started patting his back to help him relax, he put his hand on my stomach and patted it.

I closed my eyes and pretended to sleep, but this scheme backfired on me because I woke up about twenty minutes later to find him sitting up next to me, happily patting my stomach and humming thoughtfully to himself.

The storm had passed over by then so I put him back into his cot where he lay down and talked to himself quietly for about half an hour.

So, he didn't take his nap, but I'm glad I did, because he was incredibly cranky and overtired at dinnertime.



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