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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Outlaws are coming!!!!!!

frantically cleaning the house WHERE did all this dust come from I thought I just cleaned all this up yesterday and now it's back again everywhere I look there seems to be another DUPLO brick hiding away I am sure we did not have this many DUPLO bricks they are just breeding away in the dark corners of the house okay the floors are now immaculate now to make sure the guest bedroom is done up all pretty and wait a minute where is Stardust and why is he so quiet ah there he is wait hang on where did he get that paper bag from oh yes MDH left it by the door it must be the bag of handmedown toys from his colleagues that is so sweet of them to give them to us hang on hang on hang on yuck there's purple stuff on the bottom of my foot where did that come from wait its everywhere EVERYWHERE EVERYWHERE its smeared all over the tiles what is it its so disgusting oh its playdoh we dont own any playdoh its so sticky where did this come from ARGH the handmedown toys have not been cleaned at all Stardust darling bring those and put them in the sink mummy will wash them later lets put you in the shower first with some toys ok let me clean up this mess here oh crap CRAP it won't come off where's my melamine sponge argh argh argh argh argh don't cry Stardust it was an accident mummy is not mad at you don't cry mummy will clean you off in a minute okay throw all of this out and now clean up the boy there we go lets put you in some clean clothes and why don't you take a nap now so I can get started on dinner I hope there's enough food in the house just wash and scrub up the potatoes and shove them into the oven and chopchopchopchopchop and fry up the veggies and add in the couscous there we go wake up baby its time for milk just sit there quietly and drink it please that's a good boy DING DONG and they're here!




Anonymous Hamster said...

Controlled chaos - and a super-mum!

9:49 am  
Anonymous sj said...

Chill..I am sure yr outlaws wouldn't have eyes for dusk when 3 of their favorite people in the world is in front of them. *grin*

1:18 am  
Anonymous sj said...

dust, I meant.

1:19 am  
Anonymous tscd said...

Hamster: It was utter madness and I do wish there was a Supermum cos she would fly in and do all this for me.

SJ: That's true, although I'm not sure they would have appreciated it much if they saw their grandson covered head to toe in a thin layer of purple playdoh sludge.

11:32 am  
Anonymous Hamster said...

You already fulfilled the most important criteria of being super-mum ah... Everything turned out fine in the end!

9:13 am  

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