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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Brown paper packages

So another parcel arrived in the post today - Happy Birthday to meeeeeeee!

It was another gift from MDH (with a little help from one of my mates), sent by local store Fleur Avenue. The gift was so beautifully wrapped that opening it was so much fun. It was like having an adventure! I am really impressed by the effort put into the packaging that I just have to share it.

My birthday gift came in a mysterious white envelope addressed to me (sent by my mate). Inside it was an equally mysterious brown envelope. It was addressed to my friend...I guess she left the envelope on because it was so pretty. The envelope was decorated with a spray of foxgloves on the front...
...and marked 'Fragile' on the back.
Inside it was another brown paper package with a precious and highly relevant (ahem) reminder from Fleur Avenue on the front stamped on the front...
...and the season's greetings on the back.
Inside the brown paper package was yet another little white paper packet (!) tied up with a candy-striped string with a beautifully designed namecard on the front.
Underneath the card was another - still very relevant (ahemahem) - message from Fleur Avenue.
One would think that two paper packages would be more than sufficient to wrap a present in, but not for Fleur Avenue, oh no.

Fleur Avenue goes that extra mile to make things super-special.
'Wait!' Fleur Avenue says to us, 'There's more to come!'
Inside the little white paper packet was a very, very tiny cardboard box tied with a green satin ribbon.And inside the tiny box was...

a wee strawberry chocolate cupcake!
Or, according to MDH, a 'petit gateau au chocolat de fraises'.
I love it!!!!!
Now, wasn't that just so much FUN?

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Blogger jadeite said...

I too have Fleur Avenue bookmarked in my etsy.. but have never actually purchased anything. That WAS fun - now I feel all avaricious.

Oh oh and I attended a wedding dinner tonight full of doctor people who studied and practiced in London, and I had the oddest urge to ask them if they possibly knew who tscd is :/

I refrained though :( didn't want to look too insane :D

12:00 am  
Blogger tscd said...

jadeite: Heh, did you stop to think that I might have attended that wedding dinner?

8:18 am  

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