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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Happy Housewarming to us

The housewarming presents started trickling in the minute we finished unpacking all our boxes - finally, after 5 years of dragging them all over the UK and then across the ocean to Singapore. You wouldn't believe the sort of stuff we've been receiving. Most people want to give us heirlooms (dust collectors) to pass down through the ages. May the accumulation of junk begin!

Here's a list of the top ten housewarming presents that I've received, put together for your viewing pleasure:

10. A cheese knife from Skansenbutiken - we eat alot of fermented curd in this house, so a good cheese slicer is essential!

9. A cheese board, also from Skansenbutiken - in case we ever decide to share our fancy cheeses with the world. I really like the grain of the wood and the fact that its been taken from a renewable resource.

8. A set of spatulas from Le Creuset - these are great silicone spatulas that can be used for baking as well as for frying. They don't melt and they are so easy to clean - everything just slides right off. I just love their bright colours.

7. Nest of Stainless steel mixing bowls from MUJI- rust-proof, heat-proof, stain-proof and baby-proof.

6. Oven mitts from Cath Kidston - Red polka dots. Could I say more?

5. Diana Krall's 'Live In Paris' album - Her voice is so sexy and perfect for quiet evenings in.

4. Oval creamware photoframe from Laura Ashley - I normally abhor photo frames, having been given nearly 30 of them for our wedding and am now slowly but steadily offloading them each Christmas. I always feel that photo frames are fallback presents for people whom one does not know all that well. However, this particular one deserves a special fourth place because the giver obviously tried hard to match my taste (instead of relying on generic silver plated or pewter frames). It will be going on my new dressing table.

3. A memory book - lovingly and painstakingly put together by one of my friends who is a scrapbooking fiend. It's for me to pen my Revelations of Genius. Even if I don't use it (Revelations of Genius are few and far between for me), it's really pretty and I appreciate the effort.

2. Rosh Hashanah cupcakes - a tasty honey cake for us to usher in the new year in our new home.

and the number ONE housewarming gift is...............

A cherry red Kitchenaid Artisan standing mixer given to me by my fairy godmother!!!!!!! WOOHOOO!!



Blogger jadeite said...

jealousy. I so want a kitchenaid.

12:42 pm  
Blogger tscd said...

jadeite: You must acquire a fairy godmother! To do this, dress in rags and weep on a stone bench outside a large mansion where you've been emotionally abused on a regular basis. It's easy if you try.

8:15 am  

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