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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Natural jewellery

I took Stardust for a short ramble around our apartment block earlier this week.
Stardust usually likes to gather interesting objects that he finds on our rambles so I thought I would help him organise his nature collection. I made him a pair of sticky bracelets out of masking tape - he was very excited about them and clasped his hands together, holding his elbows out so that the bracelets would stop sticking to each other.
I showed him how to stick fallen leaves to his bracelets. At first, he was very distressed about destroying his sticky bracelets by covering them up with leaves, but eventually he decided that the a pair of leafy cuffs would be very fashion-forward.
We walked around and he selected fallen leaves of a similar size and colour (I realised this only after we completed the bracelets). Carefully, I helped him arrange the leaves. He was very proud of them, twisting them this way and that to admire them.
After we got home, I cut the bracelets off and hung them up to dry.
A few days later, I realised that the leaves curled up as they dried and pulled away from the masking tape. When I tried to press them flat, they crumbled and I had to throw the bracelets away.
Next time, I think I will buy a jotterbook and press his finished creations within!

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