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Sunday, January 03, 2010

New Years Barbeque = Madness

0700h - Wake up

0715h - Hurriedly feed MDH and Stardust

0745h - Kick MDH and Stardust out of house to get them out of the way

0750h - Bring out Implements of Purification

0900h - Make cakes, salads and icecream. Cram everything into the fridge and freezer.

1200h - The food for the barbeque arrives. MDH and Stardust return, hungry and thirsty.

1201h - Feed MDH and Stardust.

1220h - Put Stardust down for his nap.

1230h - Kick MDH out of house to get him out of the way

1231h - Organise and wrap utensils with napkins and pack them into bags. Pack plates and bowls into bags. Pack cups into bags. Curse self for not buying more IKEA plastic plates, cups and utensils. Wrap BBQ cooking implements and pack into bags. Find implements of purification and pack into bags.

1400h -WHY IS IT RAINING!!!!


1402h - Guests begin to arrive

1430h -Unanimous decision made to continue with BBQ and brave the elements!

1445h - Ferrying people bearing plates of food to and from the common room using Large Golf Umbrellas = not the best idea. However, everyone seems happy and game for anything.

1530h - Have used 10 umbrellas held by 10 children to create a Forcefield Of Awesome around the BBQ pit. Further 2 umbrellas used to shield cooked food from the wet! It's all about teamwork!

1630h - BBQ time complete

1631h - Rain stops. Typical.

1632h - Mildly damp children fling themselves bodily into children's play pool and are now completely soaked.

1633h - Sopping wet children now approach their parents to ask for permission to throw themselves bodily into children's play pool

1635h - Wander off to get towels and clothes for children (and adults) who have not brought a change of apparel.

1655h - Return to pool area to find MDH suspending Stardust by his ankles over the pool. Stardust is shrieking with laughter.

1730h - Commence washing of used plates and utensils.

1800h - Herd entire party back into apartment for dessert.

1830h - What? Where'd all this fried chicken appear from? Who brought all the cotton candy? Don't feed that to the children!!! STOP!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooo

1831h - The children are using chicken fat to grease up my leather sofa!

1832h - There's icecream melting all over my silk carpet!!!

1833h -Who wiped ketchup on my white suede cushion covers?

1834h - Get away from my fridge!

1835h - AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! They're climbing up the shelves in my larder! Get down get down from there!!! Get down!

1836h - We've run out of drinks??? Didn't I buy 10 giant soda bottles and 15 cartons of juice? Nevermind, there's still the secret store of drinks I hid in the store room.

1837h - What?! Those are gone too??? One of the kids poured them down the sink eh? Well then that's just too bad everyone can just drink water.

1838h - We've run out of cups?!!!

1839h - They're crawling on the ceilings!


(1841h to 2000h - Everything goes black. Memories appear to have been wiped from brain.)

2001h - Guests leave. Stardust goes to sleep.

2230h - Home purification complete.

2231h - Stagger into study room and watch cartoons until oblivion sets in.



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