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Friday, November 27, 2009

Christmas craft 2009 (II)

I found a great tutorial (thanks Lisa!) for making a simple and beautiful Christmas wreath with cardboard and leftover scraps of wrapping paper. It was so easy, I completed it in one afternoon (working furiously during Stardust's nap!)

Step 1: Cut out cardboard doughnut and leaf shapes from wrapping paper. My doughnut is about 45cm in diameter and each leaf is about 12cm in length. I used some old wrapping paper that I bought from IKEA - gold and silver patterned paper, and some plain red paper.

Step 2: Staple leaf shapes to doughnut, overlapping leaves to cover the base of the leaf. The more overlapping you do, the more leaves you'll need. I used 78 leaves in total. As you can tell from the finished product, I ran out of gold and red paper and had to finish the rest of the wreath with silver paper. I still think it turned out rather nice.

Step 3:Tie a length of ribbon or string to top of the wreath. I used some gold ribbon that I picked up at a wedding I attended earlier on this month. Hang the wreath up on door using blu-tack.

Step 4: Fish for compliments from dumbstruck MDH.


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