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Thursday, December 03, 2009

A summary of text messages

Day 1:
tscd: Our internets is bruk. The magic box has no lights.
MDH: It's only 3 weeks old.

tscd: Called the hotline. PhoneStooge told me to call the fixit place.
MDH: It's a public holiday long weekend.

tscd: It's open on Saturday at 9am.
MDH: Dammit was hoping to download the Assassin's Creed expansion pack this weekend. Whywhywhy

tscd: Tough. See you later.

Day 2:
tscd: Called fixit place. Fixit man says to bring magic box on Monday. It's not accessible by public transport.
MDH: Means you need the car.

tscd: Sorry babe.

Day 4:
tscd: Fixit place is impossible to find. Had crap morning. Baby not happy. Fixit man changed the adaptor unit of magic box.
MDH: Why didn't he give us a new box?

tscd: Apparently is a common problem with this particular type of box. Whatever, at least it works.

Day 5:
tscd: Our internets is bruk again. Magic Box displays a red light. Phonestooge from hotline sending a PhoneGenius on Thursday around 4pm.
MDH: THURSDAY?! Why are we still paying the internet bill? NOTHING WORKS.

tscd: I can get it to work
MDH: Well then do it

tscd: The red light on the box only goes away if I disconnect it from the computer
MDH: What's the good of that?!

Day 7:
tscd:PhoneGenius is here. Apparently I reconnected the wires wrongly. Not supposed to connect broadband wire into the port labelled BROADBAND. Who knew.

tscd:Now computer is fixed but the internet TV doesn't work. All is well. PhoneGenius fixing magic box now.

tscd:PhoneGenius has fixed the magic box until it has disintegrated. He is replacing the box.
MDH: Incompetence :(((

tscd:And now we have a new box which also doesn't work haha is great. Is good thing that baby is sleeping otherwise this would all be horrific.

tscd: PhoneGenius has called for backup. This is turning into a party. Maybe I should start serving cocktails.
MDH: Why doesn't the new modem work? Is it because the computer is from the UK so it doesn't speak singlish? Or are they just stupid?

tscd: No. They appear to be having a conference. It's the Modem Grand Round in here.

tscd: Finally fixed. Apparently the call centre people are morons.
MDH: Why, what happened?

tscd: Oh he kept saying to the PhoneStooge please activate the internet activate it switch it on turn it on, on it on it and the PhoneStooge kept saying huh huh. This went on for 15 min.

MDH: so is it working yet?
tscd: Yes

MDH: YAY. Too bad I'm on call today.


Anonymous LiLi said...

HAHAHAHAHAH! This is hilarious! Glad it finally worked. :)

9:03 am  
Blogger aliendoc said...

...and I thought things like that only happen in China...

4:31 pm  
Blogger tscd said...

LiLi: Me too!

aliendoc: Eh? Is China inefficient?

8:19 am  

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