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Friday, November 06, 2009

Happy Hallowe'en to me

Spotted this gorgeous vintage dress at Parasol Circus and fell in love with it. I kept going back to the boutique to gaze adoringly at it.
It was the romantic ruffles at the neck and the lace at the bust that caught my eye. It reminded me of the cascading lace that Edwardian ladies wore on the front of their bodices. Viva La Belle Epoque!
I'm not sure why I spent so long dithering over it, but after about month, MDH told me to stop ogling and to just buy it for goodness sakes.
I went back to the store and found out that it was on sale! Hooray! What a bargain! I was so excited that my hands were shaking when I emailed Natalia (the owner of the shop) to ask if the dress was still available.
When the package arrived from Natalia , I saw that she had decorated it with a thumbnail sketch of jack o' lantern riding atop an umbrella in true Sleepy Hollow style. Happy hallowe-en to me!
Ever so carefully, I lifted the dress out of the packaging. The fabric was so delicate and fragile on the sleeves that it had already developed a few holes during transit.
Fortunately, I managed to get them repaired and Natalia was kind enough to cover the costs. Isn't that just great customer service?
It felt so good to put it on - and ohhhh! the soft silk went swish against my skin as I pulled the dress on. There's nothing like the feel and rustle of silk.
MDH liked it so much that he danced me around the room so that he could see the skirt swirling about my legs.


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Yay parasol circus!!

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