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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Painting (in) the house

So, we're starting the move out of the Aged P's house. This is a highly emotional time for my mum, so we're softening the blow by moving our stuff out slowly over the course of several weeks.
Last night, MDH moved across all of our old kitchenware so that I could do the unpacking and cleaning whilst he was at work today.
So, I put Stardust in his highchair, poured some poster paints in an egg carton and he kept himself busy whilst I flitted round the house with a bucket of soapy water and a clean rag.
The best thing about having our own place is that being able to mess it all up. In fact, I have kept Stardust so clean that he is much too fastidious now. He gets distressed if so much as a bit of fluff lands on his shirt front. Our previous painting sessions have involved nothing more than a paintbrush, tap water and some newspaper! I did not dare to crack open a case of paint in my parent's house - all their surfaces are porous and stain easily.
Stardust was a little worried about getting paint on his hands but when he saw that I had some paint on my fingers too (from handling the leaky paint bottles), he relaxed and just carried on with his artistic endeavours.
I think I will have to do some finger painting with him to help him get over his aversion to messy hands.


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