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Monday, November 02, 2009

Book Review: The Problem with Chickens by Bruce McMillan

I just love this simply written little story about a village of Icelandic ladies and over-domesticated chickens illustrated by the artist Gunnella. Stardust just happened to stumble across this book in the library and enjoyed it so much that I was loathe to return it.

It's the playful, comical illustrations that make this book a real treasure. Gunnella's richly hued oil paintings very literally depict the text with rosy-cheeked, round-bodied ladies dancing, drinking tea and going to birthday parties whilst being imitated by their chickens.

Stardust couldn't stop laughing when I read the story to him, and he was so entranced by the pictures that he wouldn't let me turn each page until he was ready!

I would love to have one of Gunnella's gorgeous oil paintings. I felt warm just looking at them. I like the way she depicts women in her pictures - they look strong and happy, as if they could do anything they wanted.
The best thing about this book is that I cannot actually find a 'moral' or a 'learning point'. It's just a really fun read and I didn't get tired of it, even after reading it three or four times a day for six weeks!
Conclusion: Nice book for the under 5's, for older children the simple graphics might be inspiring for the young artist, Might even make a fun coffee table book!


Anonymous Hamster said...

Try Helen Cooper's "Pumpkin Soup", "A Pipkin of Pepper" and "Delicious". My son couldn't let them go so we had to go borrow them again AFTER an extension. :P

12:06 am  

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