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Friday, October 14, 2005

Waiting for the sun

So I've got the day off and, as always, the sun has taken the day off as well and there's a grey drizzle drifting across the landscape.

I'm indoors again, busying myself with general housekeeping duties. I even tied a scarf around my head to keep my hair back.

Now that autumn is closing in, there have been fewer sunny days. We have had quite a long but cool summer this year - so hopefully it means a brief and mild winter.

The last sunny day I had off, I spent it chilling out by the coast, watching the boats whisk across the water, their triangular sails tipping back and forth to catch the wind.

Laid back
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Sunshine follows me.
I kept my eye on this particular sailor - she had her long brown and blonde hair tied back in a ponytail, a bright blue lifejacket and a black wetsuit with blue stripes down the sides.

It was amazing, how she single-handedly manuveured her craft (which had a white sail with bubblegum pink circles printed on it), how she had to lean way back to keep it balanced (sometimes with her ponytail dipping into the water), how she zigzagged across the sea, sometimes a speck in the distance, sometimes so close to the shore that I could see drops of water trickling down off the ropes.

In the distance, I could see the rain shafts coming down over the waters, creating a silvery mist. And the wind blew cold, and it was time to go home.


Anonymous j. said...

i was caught in the drizzle yesterday- left me soaked to the skin, and now i'm not feeling quite as chipper as i ought to be.

i see the south coast is feeling the same wet spell we southwesterners are getting, eh.

10:09 am  
Anonymous Lynn said...

You must live rather near Brighton/Hastings area that you can easily chill out by the seaside. Not much of a summer left anymore. The leaves are turning a vermillion shade now....

5:46 pm  
Blogger tscd said...

j and lynn: Bristol isn't all that far away from where I am located. :)

3:15 pm  

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