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Saturday, October 01, 2005

An afternoon at the beach (III)

At the beach
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Sunshine follows me.
So MDH and I relaxed on our beach mat, reading novels and watching as the windsurfers zigzagged back and forth across the bay.

MDH would like you to know that he took this picture of me (you can tell it's me, because I'm wearing the anniversary present) with a couple walking their dog in the background. Marvel at his photography skills, everyone!

There were lots of people walking their dogs, idly throwing bits of driftwood into the water whilst their pets barked and ran in circles around them. The dogs would go jumping and splashing around in the water, sneezing as they tried to breathe in the sea foam, paddling madly as they retrieved the floating stick of wood.

There is a black labrador in the background of the photo above - you can see it's carrying a huge plank of wood in it's mouth, trotting meekly alongside the water's edge.

MDH and I watched them enviously - we would so love to have a furry four-legged chum. Dogs, however, are too much like children and require so much attention and space. Cats are ideal, being the independant creatures that they are. But it's a dream to us still - it would be impossible to keep a pet in a rented apartment.

It was starting to get late, and I had to work in the evening, so we reluctantly packed up our things and headed for home.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful pendant... and I do envy the folk who live by the sea. Nothing better than sitting on a pebbly beach with a fat juicy read and some piping hot salt 'n vinegared chips. - reitsch

2:25 am  
Blogger tscd said...

reitsch: Thank you and thank you again! It's nice not to have to travel miles to be at the coast.

5:31 pm  

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