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Friday, September 30, 2005

An afternoon at the beach (II)

sitting on the bay
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Sunshine follows me.
In answer to all the queries on my previous post...

1. It is indeed turning towards autumn, with the cool evenings and mornings, but it doesn't stop us from going to the beach! People over here visit the beach even in the middle of winter, wearing heavy knit sweaters and coats, just to enjoy the smell of the sea and the sound of the waves! It was a lovely warm afternoon when we went - but I brought a cardigan along in case it turned chilly.

2. It was a little chilly for ices (in my opinion, although the other Brits were happily munching on their cones) so we had chicken and chips instead. A lovely hot crispy chicken cutlet, and lots of vinegar on the chips, sitting on a wooden bench and enjoying the breeze.

3. I don't really visit the beach to ogle at the hunks and babes. Most of the people on the beach were elderly folk with dogs or middle aged couples with young children (hunks and babes don't hang out at uncool places like the beach - they are busy getting prepared for a Saturday night of debauchery). In any case, I'm normally the one being ogled in most outdoor situations - probably because I'm the "exotic oriental girl". You know us Southeast Asian ladies are highly in fashion nowadays! I must admit that I do enjoy people watching in general, though - but only because it's fun seeing how individuals interact with each other.

4. I thought the view was fantastic. I guess you have to know where you are looking, in order to appreciate the British beach. Sea for miles and miles, windsurfers and sail boats on the water, towering cliffs behind was beautiful.


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