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Thursday, June 09, 2005


A cloudy afternoon with a slight chill in the air. I was feeling rather moody so I decided to go out for a walk to cheer myself up. I pulled on a grey turtleneck sweater, grabbed my purple suede 'Sgt Pepper' jacket and headed downtown.

I was just stopping outside 'Daizylake Comfort & Cake', wondering if I should get a loaf of lemon apricot cake for MDH's tea, when I noticed these two women coming out from the shop opposite.

The shop was called 'Long Tall Sally' which (as you may already have guessed) stocks a range of clothes for tall ladies. The two women who emerged from the depth of that boutique were really Long and Tall. With masses of springy red-gold hair, fair rose petal skin with a just a few cute freckles and slim legs that seemed to go on forever. One of them wore a pair of white capri trousers and a bright yellow tunic that slipped enticingly off one shoulder and was bound at the waist with a chunky braided leather belt. The other one wore a floaty pale green chiffon blouse and a ruffled prairie skirt that ended at mid-calf, with heavily embroidered cowboy boots.

I looked that them with envy - being a petite person, I could never carry off any of the items or any of the colours they were wearing. I immediately felt frumpish, stumpy-legged, sallow-skinned.

How could I ever, (I thought to myself) ever look as exotic as they do?



Dammit, if anyone is 'exotic' around here, it's me.

I'm the girl from the Orient, the raven-haired mystery, the small and fiery goddess! I'm the golden-skinned (sallow-skinned, HAH!), almond-eyed, trim little treat from the Southeast of Asia! I beat off my admirers with my powerful tai-chi skills, I carry throwing stars in my handbag and my skin is thicker than dragonhide but smoother than silk!

Right, I'll show them who's 'exotic'!

And so, head held high and shoulders squared, I breezed past the two giantesses who walked behind me whispering to each other. The wind changed direction and bits of their conversation drifted up towards me..."These oriental girls always make me feel so fat."

heh heh heh heh heh



Blogger Mr Wang Says So said...

Good going, gal. :)

9:23 pm  
Blogger tscd said...

thanks. I try my best.

10:14 pm  

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