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Monday, July 30, 2007

It's all downhill from here!

I can feel my IQ dropping every single day. I think I am becoming increasingly less intelligent, or at least, more dull. I can't concentrate for any length of time without feeling fatigued so I can't even entertain myself with music or books. Maybe the lack of appropriate nourishment and stimulation is making me lose my mental edge.

This proves my theory that people tend to lose their common sense once they become parents, which explains alot about the sort of stupidity I used to see in the Paeds A&E.

Saturday, July 21, 2007


1. 'Morning sickness' is a lie. It is more like 'Daytime sickness', or maybe 'Every waking hour sickness'.

2. Today, I have discovered that I no longer fit comfortably into any of my smart trousers or jeans. This is a disaster. I am not yet ready for fat-pants! *stares at elasticated waist and weeps uncontrollably*

3. When I am awake, I am usually too ill to eat, and the best I can manage is a few spoonfuls of boiled rice in Bovril or maybe some mashed potato. When I am asleep, I am plagued by dreams of unattainable foods such as
Chwee Kueh, Yong Tau Foo, Hay Mee and Xiao Long Bao. I awake with a fleeting memory of the taste of pork rib soup and a rumbling, queasy sensation.

4. Once, I dreamt of eating a KFC Zinger Burger and I woke up all excited that I could finally eat something from one of my dreams. MDH immediately went out to buy one for me. 8 hours later, I am paying my respects to the porcelain god of the bathroom and watching all the regurgitated Zing from the the Zinger burger go spinning down the U-bend. Damn.

5. MDH hovers anxiously around me and he is being a real angel, trying to tempt my appetite, taking over the household duties etc. However, when I ask him to carry the baby for a while, he just laughs at me!!! I'm serious, you know, I just want to feel like a normal person for 5 minutes!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

5 weeks by date

Two by two, lines of blue.

I'd write more but being at the computer makes me feel nauseous.
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