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Thursday, July 01, 2010


So, we are at the Singapore Art Museum, after having climbed up THREE flights of stairs in order to find the children's interactive corner (note to Art Museum Curator: are those stairs meant to act as some sort of deterrent?  I thought the whole point was to encourage parents to bring their children to the museum!).

The corner was set up with pencils and paper, and there was a section where kids could look into a mirror and trace what the image onto a sheet of transparency film with coloured markers, hopefully ending up with some form of self-portrait.  I thought that was quite a clever idea, really.  It was just too bad Stardust does not have the coordination to complete a tracing.  Afterwards, you could stick the film onto the wall (static forces make it stay put) with all the other portraits.

Stardust was studying the wall of portraits with great interest when he suddenly got all excited and started jumping up and down yelling, 'That's Mumby!  That's Mumby there!'.
Apparently, I look exactly like that sketchy character in the centre of that picture.  According to my son, I have no neck, a huge head and a sausage nose.

Well, at least I appear to be a happy person.


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