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Monday, July 30, 2007

It's all downhill from here!

I can feel my IQ dropping every single day. I think I am becoming increasingly less intelligent, or at least, more dull. I can't concentrate for any length of time without feeling fatigued so I can't even entertain myself with music or books. Maybe the lack of appropriate nourishment and stimulation is making me lose my mental edge.

This proves my theory that people tend to lose their common sense once they become parents, which explains alot about the sort of stupidity I used to see in the Paeds A&E.


Blogger Ms-Ellisa said...

Maybe you should talk to your doctor if you really feel bad... Still, think of how happy you 'll be when the baby comes :)

7:54 pm  
Anonymous Kim said...

Believe me, you will feel normal again one day!!! ;-)

At one point I was so miserable with all the nausea that I sat down on the floor and cried.

However there are lots of things to treasure when you're pregnant. I loved feeling the baby move inside me. I was always putting my hand on my tummy cos I liked feeling her moving (my colleagues used to wonder what on earth I was doing).

She also hiccupped often, which always tickled me; it was like a little heartbeat inside of me. ;-)

It was also very nice looking at her during the untrasound scans during each checkup, & seeing how she was coming along. She did lots of amusing stuff. When she was still tiny, we saw her doing some frantic swimming, which was really funny. :-) When she was bigger, she pressed her feet against the scope, so that it looked like the Hang Ten logo. ;-)

Alongside all the negative stuff is a lot of positive that you can cherish. You won't always have the experience again. I kept a little scrapbook recording how things went - kept the ultrasound scans in there, my thoughts, amusing things she did, etc. Once it's over you won't remember the negative, only the positive. :-)

8:07 pm  
Anonymous dr. bean said...

We used to call it "uterine steal" when I was in training. Only the female house staff were allowed to use the term, of course! Sadly, reproduction and cognition do seem to interfere with one another. I have no regrets, though.

11:50 am  
Blogger iml said...

Still feeling sick huh? take care

6:42 pm  
Anonymous Simplyme said...

Hope you are feeling much better by now. Miss your posts.

2:58 am  
Blogger Boon Chong said...

Take care. It will surprise you if we take a headcount of the people missing your writings on the globe. I'm sure everyone is giving you their blessings.

12:49 am  
Anonymous Losh said...

I keep checking back to see if there is any news - I do miss your posts.

I hope you are ok and will keep checking back for an update!

Take care,

Best wishes,


7:54 pm  
Blogger little odd forest said...

I hope you're coping fine, bestest wishes and warmest regards. Don't forget to have a nice holiday and new year

2:51 pm  
Blogger angry doc said...

I still visit several times a week, hoping to learn that you are OK.

8:56 pm  
Anonymous Simplyme said...

I hope you are ok. Just dropping by to send you some well wishes for the new year. Hope that 2008 will be a good year for you & your family.

Take care!

3:40 pm  
Blogger jenĀ© said...

Hi there! I stumbled upon your blog and have just read through all your posts! Right up to the last one... and wondered what's happened... Hope all is well and that 2008 will have you see less SSPs! *wink*

6:33 pm  
Blogger JoBeth said...

TSCD! Where are you :( Hoping your pregnancy is developing a-okay and that all's well with you and MDH in the new year :) God bless!

12:47 pm  
Anonymous Hooiying said...

Hi. I check your blog from time to time... hope you are doing ok =)Miss your posts...

11:52 pm  

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