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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Another dream

Stardust woke up from his nap early, sobbing piteously.  I went to see him, but he did not want to get out of his cot, so I let him be.  He carried on weeping for a few minutes, then called for me.

I had no idea why he was feeling so sad, so I asked him why he was crying.  He just kept saying, 'Stardust is sad'.

After a while, I asked him if he had a bad dream and he shook his head and said, "No Mummy, a *sad* dream".

He dreamed that there was a little butterfly in his cot which was resting next to him.  The butterfly flew out of his cot and onto the wall, and then he caught it in his hand.  After a while, a Big Butterfly came and Stardust released the little butterfly up into the air to join the Big Butterfly.  He felt sad because the little butterfly flew away.

I felt sad too and I am not sure why.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stardust is really a sweetie and reading it also made ME sad! I hope that when he was up, he might have spotted it flying outside and known that it had come to visit him when he was asleep.


3:43 am  
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