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Saturday, July 21, 2007


1. 'Morning sickness' is a lie. It is more like 'Daytime sickness', or maybe 'Every waking hour sickness'.

2. Today, I have discovered that I no longer fit comfortably into any of my smart trousers or jeans. This is a disaster. I am not yet ready for fat-pants! *stares at elasticated waist and weeps uncontrollably*

3. When I am awake, I am usually too ill to eat, and the best I can manage is a few spoonfuls of boiled rice in Bovril or maybe some mashed potato. When I am asleep, I am plagued by dreams of unattainable foods such as
Chwee Kueh, Yong Tau Foo, Hay Mee and Xiao Long Bao. I awake with a fleeting memory of the taste of pork rib soup and a rumbling, queasy sensation.

4. Once, I dreamt of eating a KFC Zinger Burger and I woke up all excited that I could finally eat something from one of my dreams. MDH immediately went out to buy one for me. 8 hours later, I am paying my respects to the porcelain god of the bathroom and watching all the regurgitated Zing from the the Zinger burger go spinning down the U-bend. Damn.

5. MDH hovers anxiously around me and he is being a real angel, trying to tempt my appetite, taking over the household duties etc. However, when I ask him to carry the baby for a while, he just laughs at me!!! I'm serious, you know, I just want to feel like a normal person for 5 minutes!


Anonymous Kim said...

If it's any consolation, they say the worse the morning sickness, the healthier the baby!

Take heart, it sometimes improves after the first trimester (was so for both of mine), so hang in there. :-))

2:09 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You may hate me when you read this but I have two children and didn't get morning sickness. I did faint on the train once though, no-one offers seats to pregnant women anymore. I know what you mean about 'fat pants' I'm still trying to get out of mine - sob! I would ask my hasband to HAVE the baby for me, he said he would if he could. Liar! But don't worry after your child is born a haze passes over all those awful memories and you somehow find yourself pregnant again and wondering 'didn't I learn?' Good thing is that it's worth it. This seems too long... oh well

6:42 am  
Anonymous Simply Me said...

I am sorry that you are having such a hard time. I hope your appetite improves soon and morning sickness can soon turn history.

Hang in there and take care!

1:33 am  
Blogger aliendoc said...

Can cerainly empathise with you! With my first baby, I had to run off in the middle of ward rounds to go vomit!
But it's all worth it!

7:27 pm  
Blogger Ms-Ellisa said...

Ijust cought up- Congratulations!!!!
It sounds tough but think of all the love you are receiving from your husband and try to take strength...! :-)
Be patient...!

3:53 am  
Anonymous dr. bean said...

I feel for you! I had a similar time with each of my two pregnancies right down to dreaming of food. I am not so good at describing it as you, though. Lived on lemon drops and miniscule bites of candied ginger for four months. It doesnt seem possible that the trousers would not fit ;)

Consider a "Bella Band" or the like as an interim solution for the trouser problem.

Best wishes!

12:06 pm  

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