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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Eating out

Not so long ago, MDH and I stood on the balcony, watching the sun rise over the mountains.

I had several plates of buttered bread, cheese and sausages in front of me and I was making sandwiches. MDH took the crumbs and poured them out on the balcony ledges. We watched quietly as the chaffinches came, male and female, chirruping.

MDH held my hand and we walked from our apartment to the town centre. There was the grey sky above, the gravel below and the two of us walking, walking, walking and whistling.

Meatball zuppe?
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For lunch, there was a bowl of savory meatball soup for me, shimmering hot in orange and red, and garnished with chives and a sprig of mint.

We sat outdoors with cold noses and cold hands, nibbling on vinegary bread. I slurped my soup. MDH had a cup of coffee with a tower of whipped cream spooned over it, overflowing into his saucer. He sipped it slowly and afterwards I wiped off a dab of cream from the tip of his nose.

The wind blew gently in our faces and brought with it the scent of pine trees from the nearby parkland.

We bought pastries at the bakery - creamy cakes stuffed with brandy soaked cherries and crunchy almonds, encased in hard chocolate shells.

Up the nordic hiking trails we climbed, the sun peeping shyly at us momentarily before hiding behind the clouds. Polished wooden benches shone invitingly and we soon put our feet up and sat back, pastry in hand (or in mouth), looking into the distance. Afterwards, I wiped more cream off the tip of MDH's nose, and we continued our walk.

And later, in the evening, there was fondue.

Fondue to you
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Sunshine follows me.

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