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Monday, June 12, 2006

It's a day

1000: Get up after 5 hours sleep, get washed, call Faraway Northern Hospital to let them know that I'll be attending the interview on Monday, call MDH at work and wish him goodnight.

1030: Check the MRCP (UK) website for my exam results. Name not on the pass lists. Shrug shoulders. Prepare breakfast.

1100: Take out trash. Leave the house to go downtown.

1120: Visit
Scholl's, Clarks and Office whilst on the way to the post office. Post letters. Pay in checks at the bank next door.

1150: Visit
Next, Barratts and Marks & Spencer. Buy white socks and overpriced chocolate coloured sandals from Marks and Spencer.

1210: Visit
Gap. Roman-style sandals are prettier and going for £5! Buy sandals. Look longingly at overpriced patterned socks. Return to M&S to return overpriced chocolate coloured sandals.

1225: Visit
Accessorize. Try on floppy summery hats. One of them actually fits and makes me look more like LIttle Bo-Peep than Little Brown Mushroom. It's on sale! Buy hat.

1240: Visit
BHS cafe. Buy stuffed jacket potato for lunch. Sit on a bench outside, watch small children terrorise pigeons.

1310: Visit
Waterstone's. Lots of good books going 3 for 2. Pick up 'Anansi Boys' and 'Cloud Atlas' for MDH. Can't remember the name of the 3rd book MDH wanted. Call MDH. Where is my phone? Where is my phone?

1318: General panic. Still can't find phone. Where is it? Empty bags onto floor of Waterstones. Wallet, keys, no phone. Darnit. Panic some more.

1323: Visit BHS. Panic. Visit Gap. Panic. Visit M&S. Panic. Visit Accessorize. Panic. Vaguely recall irritating teenage boys bumping into me and then giggling hysterically. Darn kids!

1350: Visit 'Phones4U'. Call up phone company and get them to bar SIMcard on phone. Haha! Phone company checks my account - realises that I'm due for a free upgrade anyway. New SIMcard and handset dispatched FOC. Yay!

1400: Return to Waterstones 3 for 2 sale. Pick up
'Anansi Boys', 'Cloud Atlas' and 'Eragon' for MDH. Decide that today would be an appropriate day to start reading 'A Series of Unfortunate Events' - get hold of first three books as starters.

1440: Return home, carrying spoils.

1510: Talk to parents on Skype phone. Show off purchases.

1600: Prepare dinner and supper.

1700: Nap

1750: Leave for work

1800: Darn football hooligans! Ready self for a night of stitching drunken brawlers.


Anonymous mary said...

Hi - I just want you to know I will be hoping the best for you on monday. I am sorry about your exam but don't let that rock your confidence. I know a doctor who had his failed exams on the way to the top. Just imagine yourself getting to wherever it is you want to be and you will get there.

4:21 pm  
Blogger jadeite said...

Haven't read Cloud Atlas but your other three picks are great. Am halfway through Eldest (Eragon #2). :)

Chin up! The world is your oyster. You just have to pry those darned shells apart.

5:28 pm  
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