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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Conversation in the park

TSCD: What's that?
MDH: It's a nettle plant.
TSCD: Ooh! Ooh! Like in Enid Blyton!
MDH: No, like in England.
TSCD: England is so cool!
MDH: Because it has stinging nettles?
TSCD: Yes.
MDH: What are you doing? Get away from that! Don't touch it!
TSCD: Ow ow ow! The nettle bit me! Ow!
MDH: Well, it's a stinging nettle, you silly.
MDH: If you had grasped the nettle firmly, it wouldn't have hurt so much.
TSCD: Ooh! Ooh! That's what Enid Blyton said!
TSCD: It still hurts.
MDH: Oh, come along now and I'll find you some dock leaves.
TSCD: But...but...Enid Blyton never wrote about dock leaves.
MDH: Be quiet.
TSCD: If I'm good, can I still have ice cream?

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