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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Vote vote vote!

The polls for the 2005 Medical Weblog awards are up - please vote for me under the 'Best New Medical Weblog' catergory. Hurray!


In other news, my A&E consultants have decided that I've been a good doctor and are going to create another A&E post for me so that I can stay on for another 6 more months. Nothing is set in stone yet, but I feel very encouraged! At least they think I've been doing a good job.

Also, something happened today that made me very glad to be a doctor. I finally feel like I've done something worthwhile and I can proudly say that I've saved a life (two, actually! In one day!).

An auspicious start to the new year, eh?


I watched King Kong with MDH yesterday. I wasn't planning on watching it in the theatres, but I chatted with my mum over the phone yesterday and she was raving about Giant Vampire Bats and Giant Leeches and got me all excited. Then I raved to MDH about Giant Vampire Bats and Giant Leeches and got him all excited, so we giggled and ran off to watch the late late showing.

It was entertaining, beautiful and sad. I laughed during the funny bits. I cried during the sad bits. And I also managed to embarass MDH by screaming at random intervals during the action sequences.

"GODZILLA!" I would scream, flailing my arms in the air, "AQUAMAN!!!!"

"No! No Godzilla! No Aquaman!", MDH would hiss.

"Go, go, Power Rangers!!!"

"Will you be quiet!" MDH would growl, stifling a giggle, "No more Pepsi for you!"

Heh heh heh.

This is probably why he never takes me anywhere.


Anonymous koRin said...

I wanna vote for you but i can't find your blog under what u have stated... I am a navigation idiot..

4:08 am  
Blogger tscd said...

korin: I'm under 'Best New Medical Weblog'. It's in alphabetical order, so you'll have to scroll down to find my blog on it. Thanks for voting!

4:19 am  
Blogger Mr Wang Says So said...

Mr Wang has voted for you. You are Mr Wang's Bestest Best Medical Blog, whether you win or not!

5:11 pm  

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