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Monday, December 19, 2005

Teary-eyed in the UK


I am back in the UK.

Just stepped in through the front door about 30 minutes ago.

MDH has gone to get some food from the fast food joint down the road (we emptied our larder before leaving for Singapore).

It is -4 degrees Celsius outside.

I am feeling miserably homesick.

I didn't realise how homesick I really was until I set foot in Changi Airport and felt the humid air enveloping me, a welcome home cuddle.

I wanna go home.


Blogger takchek said...

Tell me about it man. Getting stuck in lab and running experiments while peers are all home for the holidays.

You can't be worse off than me.

7:21 am  
Blogger wahj said...

I know exactly how you feel about coming home to Singapore and just walking out of the plane into the humidity - it even smells like home. All the time I was studying in England it was always such a huge relief to come back home during the holidays.

9:10 am  
Blogger tscd said...

takchek: Well, I feel sadder now than I did before I left. I was only home long enough to realise how much I missed it.

wahj: The minute I stepped into the airport here, I felt so heavy and so cold and so lonesome.

3:44 pm  

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