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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Is this an emergency?

Please, people.
Before coming to the Accident and Emergency department, first ask yourself if your problem is:

(a) an Accident? (ie. happened in the last hour, day or week)


(b) an Emergency? (ie. you will die or be maimed if nothing is done now now now NOW)

Take these patients for example.

Patient 1:

19 year old girl. Ate nothing all day. Drank 8 cups of expresso. Felt immediately dizzy and had palpitations. Came to A&E and lay down for a while. Felt better. Went home.

Patient 2:

28 year old gentleman. With knee pain. For 9 years. Can still play run, climb and play football. Did not use any painkillers. Gave him paracetamol. Pain went away. Went home. Next time try some pain killers before you come ino hospital complaining of pain, Sparky!!

Patient 3:

48 year old lady. With diarrhoea. 4 days ago. No diarrhoea now. Wants to know why diarrhoea has stopped. Diarrhoea has stopped because now you are better. Went home.

Are any of these cases accidents or emergencies?! NO!!! So...why come to hospital? Hospitals are not nice places to be, trust me, I work here. Stay at home! You will feel alot happier that way, the food is better plus you can watch as much TV as you want!!!


I'm just grumpy because it's 1:30am and I'm hungry.



Blogger Tym said...

In a perverse way, it's reassuring to know that it's not just Singaporeans who abuse the A&E. Clearly, this type of inconsiderate/selfish behaviour lurks in the human psyche, not just in the Singaporean one.

I hate going to A&E. We only have when it truly was an emergency, e.g. blood spilling from a cut over my eye after a rollerblading fall. And even then, you have to wait and paperwork takes a while and it's a total drag. let me medicate myself any day!

10:24 pm  
Blogger tscd said...

tym: Kudos to you for keeping yourself out of hospital. Everyone should only attend A&E out of sheer desperation.

6:56 pm  
Anonymous Poh said...

hmm, i guess the A & E is just the only place around during wee hours to provide people with the assurance they need about what ailments they have. Better be safe than sorry?
At least that's what I think some feel when they do go to the A & E

1:54 am  

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