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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Feeling disconnected

I finally get my Broadband switched on tomorrow. Hooray!

I can hardly wait. I feel so out-of-touch.

Internet is my one connection with the rest of the world. MDH and I own a TV but we only use it for Playstation 2 and DVDs - we're not home long enough to justify paying for satellite/terrestrial television.

Besides, there is never anything good on the telly nowadays - it's full of skanky talkshows and soft porn reality programmes. It's pointless for us to pay for the TV connection in order to watch the 10pm news and catch the odd decent movie or sitcom.

We don't do newspapers either - everything we want to read in the news can be read on the BBC websites. Or Channel News Asia website. Or Tomorrow.Sg.

A couple more hours and I can be back to surfing the net.



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