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Friday, June 25, 2010

Movie Night - with Stardust! (updated)

The Aged Ps managed to score some free tickets to 'Toy Story 3' and we're going to take Stardust along with us.  His very first picture show!

I hope he enjoys it.

I hope we enjoy it too!

I am going to bring along his milk and a few snacks, in case he starts to get loud.

(updated 10:28pm on the same day)

Well, that was AWESOME!

We were a little worried because it was a 3D movie and required glasses - and we weren't sure if Stardust would tolerate wearing the glasses for the whole film.

It turns out that the theatre had mini-glasses for little mini-people, so he was pretty chuffed that he had his own little pair and he kept them on most of the time.  In any case, the film was still 'watchable' even if he took the glasses off - it just looked a little blurry around the edges.

Here is Stardust's review of the film:
Nice movie!  It had toys - nice toys.  The truck came and went 'Thump!'.  There was a boy.  Baby picked up the toys.  Liked it.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

He will love it. I took my girls when they were around the same age to Beatrix Potter which was based on Frederick Ashton's ballet and they were mesmerised. Absolutely no chance of Toy Story boring him!!


4:16 pm  
Blogger tscd said...

Valerie: Oh, I am not concerned that he will be bored - I am concerned that he won't be able to tolerate the 3D glasses or that he won't be able to contain his excitement. I don't want to bring him to the theatre at the expense of the other patrons.

10:54 pm  

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