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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bring back my Bonnie to me

Every morning, after breakfast, Stardust and I go downstairs to play.  We are fortunate that there are several families with young children living in our block - and we frequently meet each other at the playground.  Stardust's favourite playmate is a little girl called Bonnie. 

Bonnie is a little French girl, a tiny little spindly thing with curly blonde ringlets all over her head, grey-green eyes and a big, big sparkly grin. She may not be the prettiest little girl that Stardust knows (that title very clearly belongs to Ella, a raven-haired siren with big blue eyes like sapphires) but she certainly is the sunniest, with a huge smile for everyone.  Her mother is a very friendly lady who seems to be friends with everyone in the neighbourhood - including the cleaners and security personnel.  The beautiful Ella is rather sulky and mysterious in comparison, and she does not do much apart from stare at Stardust with her finger in her mouth, which seems to unnerve him.  I must admit that I am rather chuffed that he seems to have chosen personality over appearance.

I only realised Stardust's particular affection for Bonnie when he started gathering flowers for her. 

This is special because he has never gathered flowers for anyone else (myself included), and I am not even sure where he picked up the notion of collecting flowers as a gift!  He doesn't pick flowers for his friends who are boys.  When I asked him why he was picking flowers, he said nonchalantly, "Bonnie likes flowers".
Here he is with a few frangipani flowers that he found.  He is sitting on a stone, waiting patiently for Bonnie to come out to play.

He really looks forward to playing with Bonnie.  He talks incessantly about seeing her all the way from leaving our house, going down the stairs, walking across the yard, all the way until we reach the playground.  Strangely enough, once he does see Bonnie, he plays it cool and pretends that he doesn't know she's there (I did not teach him to do this!).  He looks in the opposite direction and smiles broadly at the playground equipment.  Whenever Bonnie sees him, she always runs towards him, yodelling his name in a loud voice.  Then, they chase each other around the frangipani trees.  It's like a Bollywood film.

Bonnie goes back to France in a few weeks.

I think Stardust will miss her very much.

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