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Monday, June 28, 2010

Stardust's Youtube Favourites: Cyndi Lauper's 'True Colours'

I love the song 'True Colours'.  It's written by Billy Steinburg who is famous for so many 1980's hits like the Bangles' 'Eternal Flame' and Madonna's 'Like a Virgin'.  According to his website, he originally intended the song to be about his mother, but worked with his lyricist to make the song much more ambiguous, so that it could be applied to any relationship between two people.

I actually do not remember Cyndi Lauper's original 1986 release - I think I am more familiar with Phil Collin's version - but I heard her on the radio last weekend and I was really blown away.  I think that she is really brave to pick this particular song, because this song brings out her rhostacistic speech impediment but you hardly notice it because of the beauty of the lyrics.

The music video itself is a little bit bizarre but Stardust loves the song.  He especially likes the line 'I see your true colours and that's why I love you' and sings it louder than the rest of the chorus.

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