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Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I like to show Stardust paintings and photographs, just to see what his reaction is to them.  He particularly enjoys Van Gogh paintings, probably because the colours are always so bright and vibrant.  I just let him talk to me about what he sees.  His mind often takes us to strange places, so I have the most surreal conversations with him.

TSCD: This is a painting of Van Gogh's bedroom in Arles.  Van Gogh painted it because he stayed in here when he was sick.
Stardust: Yellow chairs. Two yellow chairs.
TSCD: Yes, there are two yellow chairs.
Stardust: (pointing) This one, teeny one, Stardust's chair.  This one, big one, Mummy's chair.
TSCD: What about Daddy?  Where is Daddy's chair?
Stardust: Daddy lie down on the bed.
TSCD: Daddy can sit on the bed.
Stardust: Daddy lie down on the bed. Daddy sleeping. Daddy tired.
TSCD: Mummy's tired too. Can Mummy lie down on the bed?
Stardust: No. Mummy, wake up. Morning time is wake up time. Mummy, wake up. Go outside.
TSCD: What about Stardust? What will Stardust do?
Stardust: Stardust sit on teeny weeny chair.  Mummy sit on big chair.  Daddy lie down.  Poor Daddy.



Anonymous LiLi said...

He's adorable! :)

9:26 am  
Blogger tscd said...

LiLi: Yeah, he's a funny little chap

5:43 pm  

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