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Monday, October 12, 2009


Here is Stardust's new favourite toy - his tricycle.

This happy yellow trike was a find from MUJI - I never thought I would find a tricycle in a japanese furnishing store. I just happened to stop in there on a random day out and there it was, shiny and gleaming on the shelf, with a simple, sleek design. I let Stardust test-drive the display piece and he was so in love with it that he sang its praises all the way home from the store ("Yell-Oh! Oh! Cy-cal! Yell-Oh!").

It took me ages to find a decent trike that is sturdy enough for outdoor use without being bulky or heavy. I have been looking for a tricycle on and off for about 6 months now.
When did kid's tricycles turn into National Day Floats? It's a supposed to be a vehicle, not a cream cake. Most of the ride-ons I found were covered in grotesquely misshapen cartoons or played some form of jangling muzak. How is he supposed to concentrate on cycling when he's busy pressing buttons in order to activate the disco lights?
When I take my kid to the park, I don't want him to be riding a bicycle bearing a gangrenous Mickey Mouse-type creature impaled at the neck by handlebars. The poor fellow will have nightmares. I will have nightmares.

I mean, just look at it. It's hideous. I almost feel like I could go blind - and it happens to be one of the less psychedelic children's trikes out there.


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